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Zirconium Tooth


What is a Zirconium Tooth ?

It is a white aesthetic alloy used instead of the black metal infrastructure used under classical metal infrastructure teeth and bridges.

Zirconia teeth are mainly used for aesthetic purposes; we use them to create whiter teeth that cannot be gained with whitening process in all smile designs. It is both an aesthetic and functional solution for single or multiple missing teeth, tooth crowding, colour and deformities.

Are Zirconia teeth compatible with the gingival?

Thanks to the Zirconia infrastructures produced with 3D cad-cam systems full zirconium, which is a completely biocompatible material, gingival compatibility is excellent and Zirconia edges that go under the gingiva pretty thin and polished. Thus, plaque accumulation does not occur and gum health is durably preserved.

Are Zirconia application séances and therapy are painful?

During the treatment, a local anaesthesia is administered so that no pain is felt. Temporary teeth will be fitted after the procedure, during patient presence at the dentist unit. Thanks to these temporary teeth, with as same colour as your teeth, no pain is felt. Although there is slight tingling between sessions due to extreme sensitivity in very few patients, this situation disappears with the end of the treatment.

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