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What is a Digital Smile Design?

The Digital Smile Design treatment plan is now easier than ever in dentistry. Smile design is the art of dentistry used to ensure that the smile stands in harmony with the face in three dimensions, as per tailor-made personalized golden ratios. Contrary to what many patients think, it is not difficult to implement. Although there is software that helps its application, the concept that enables us to make a treatment plan with software such as Power Point and Keynote, within certain basic principles, and to communicate this plan with the whole team and the patient related to the treatment. With the Smile Design concept, the patient and the team that will perform the treatment have the opportunity to see the possible treatment result to the patient on the first day and to communicate about it. Smile design specially produced for the patient; At this stage, we can measure patient’s face and make adjustments according to his wishes. We design patient's natural and aesthetic smile by using advanced technology systems in between patient technician and physician.

About Us

Dentapoint International | Turkey Dental Hospital was established in 2011 by 3 dentists in Turkey's most beautiful city, Izmir. Currently, 10 dentists who are experts in their fields and 15 staff members help patients coming from Europe, America and the Middle East to have best smile possible. Thanks to the experience of our doctors and the latest technology devices in our clinic, our patients can receive the best possible treatment and post-treatment care.

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