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What Is The All-On-4 Dental Implants Treatment?

The All-on-Four Dental Implants is a procedure where the surgeon places four implants into the maxillary bone. Four implants provide a firm foundation, like pillars supporting a building. Through the superior abutment, a full-arch bridge is load and screwed. Two of the dental implants placed straight for the maxillary bone, and the other two in an angled position.

How Does All-on-Four Works?

The design of the All-on-Four treatment has developed over time as a concept. Nowadays, it is the premier solution for people that need full mouth implants on the upper or the bottom jaw. For the upper maxilla, four implants are processed surgically into the bone. The implants go in an angled position or where you have a better bone density. The All-on-Four offers the stability any mouth required to get a strong bite. This is the foundation of the All-on-Four. After bonding with the bone, the occlusion's pressure spreads and distributes among the four implants and provides stability to load on a full-arch fixed bridge. Based on pure physics, four or more dental implants can support a full-arch fixed bridge restoration.

Benefits of All-on-Four Implants

Studies and patient testimonials show that patients have real-life experience of enjoying the benefits of All-on-Four dental implants. People have regained their confidence, smile, and oral health by replacing missing teeth with all.

The implants have become popular with patients over time because the All-on-Four implant system replaces the whole set of teeth in a mouth with just four dental implants – through only one surgery.

Therefore, it is now possible to replace all your teeth on the same day you have your procedure for All-on-Four implantation. Moreover, as the treatment costs less than other replacement options, more people are choosing to get back their smile with the affordable and highly effective All-on-Four dental implants. Here are some remarkable advantages of the innovative All-on-Four Uses only four implants and restores the whole smile.

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